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Choose from a wide selection of Music, Dance, and Theater classes that are fun and free.


Course Pathways

The Center offers group classes and performance ensemble training opportunities in the following core repertoire areas: West African Music and Dance, Classical Music, Jazz, Hip-Hop/Contemporary Dance, Ballet, Regional Mexican Music and Dance, Trinidadian Steel Pans, Theater, and Voice. Students can begin here as early as three years of age. All students receive opportunities to discover thousands of years of culture and skills in a shared and creative environment.  At the Center, students learn and grow by doing: through group classes, private lessons, public performances, and opportunities to create work. Hard work is central. However hard one works though, advancing at one’s own rate of development is also an important key to building lasting skills in music, dance and theater.  All Center faculty are passionate about helping every student to evolve securely and patiently through a step by step growth in fundamental skills – and not by adhering to rigid age and grade proficiency correlations. We challenge students to discover their own strengths and capacity beginning from where they come to us, and from there we challenge them to go beyond.

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