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We are here to provide optimal support for all our students. Please see our available resources below.

Student Login

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For questions about class registration:
Selene Rico, Registrar
Tel: 510-323-2495

Absence Line

Always notify us by calling the Absence hotline: (510) 221-6354, absence e-mail if you are going to be absent from your class or private lesson.

Sign-up for Tutoring

East Bay Center offers tutoring and academic support for all active main site students. Contact Charli Prete if you need a tutor: 

Diploma Student Resources

Student Support Services

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts developed Student Support Services to better engage our students and alumni, their families and our community in the Center’s primary mission. Student Support Services develops programs to help students fully integrate their arts training with living their lives to their fullest potential. We help guide them with professional problem-solving resources and referrals.

College Prep Program:
For college-bound students, we work in partnership with students to lower barriers to accessing a college education. This includes a mentoring program where we help research and identify schools, programs, grants, scholarships, and financial aid opportunities. The Center also helps with personal statements and preparing artistic documentation or other admission materials required by colleges.

One-on-One Support Services:
Through individual coaching, mentoring, educating and emotional support we encourage our students’ growth in becoming great artists, students, family members and empowered members of their community.

Life Skills Coaching:
Life skills include communication, numeracy, leadership, writing skills as well as emotional self-regulation. Life skills are often taught in conjunction with one-on-one services, peer support and mentoring, as well as through the other groups listed above.

Family Resources:
We work with Center families to empower them to navigate and connect to local resources.

Alumni Resources:
Certain support resources are eligible for Diploma Program alumni as well. Please reach out to Kwesi for more information.

Staff Contacts

Questions about Class registration:

Selene Rico, Registrar
Tel: 510-234-5624

For Student Support Services and other resources:

Charli Prete, Student Support Services Coordinator
Tel: 510-374-9449

Kwesi Anku, Director of Student Development and Training
Tel: 510-323-4495

Lolis García, Associate Director of Student Development & Training
Tel: 510-323-2019