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Stage Combat and Physical Acting for the Stage II | Ages 12-18 | Tuesdays 6:15-7:45PM

Prerequisite: At least two semesters of Youth Stage Combat/Physical Acting for the Stage I. Building on what is covered in the Level 1 class, students will continue to work on their unarmed combat skills, and be introduced to more advanced unarmed and weapon work. This class may also explore falls, rolls, throws, and original or selected fight scenes.This class will provide students with the tools for understanding and the basics of “physical-action-acting”. The connective practice of Flowing Dragon Swords (FDS) will be used as a centering tool for its ability to bring attention at deeper levels of connection, with our fellow actors and its roots in ritual practices. Through cooperative unarmed and basic prop assisted action story-telling, we will learn that all great performance and safety begins with us.

Instructor: Richard Squeri


Start dateEnd dateStart timeEnd timeMeeting typeMeetingsLocationCode
01-Jan-23 (Sunday)24-Apr-23 (Monday)04:3006:00 1-A

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