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Intermediate Stage Combat and Physical Acting for the Stage & Screen | Ages 12-18

Instructor: Richard Squeri

Prerequisite: Beginning Stage Combat

This Class connects us all back to our ancestors…from the way stories were portrayed and told by hunter/ gatherers on every continent-around a fire…To our multimedia present day, where much of life is experienced on various screens in our lives…

Warm-ups and safety are practiced and discussed before each class. Listening is important, especially with our dynamic movement and props.

We will all present a scene or scenes at a forum appropriate for our class. The scene may be Comedy or Drama with conflict or physical story line and may be several minutes long.

The Objective of these classes is to provide students with the tools for understanding and the basics of “physical- action-acting”.

The connective practice of Flowing Dragon Swords (FDS) will be used as a centering tool for its ability to bring attention at deeper levels of connection with our fellow actors and it’s roots in Ritual…

Through cooperative unarmed and basic prop assisted action story-telling, as well as reminding ourselves that all great performance and safety begins with us…

Outcomes and Assessment:
Upon successful completion of the classes, students will have: Exposure to the concepts and skills of connected, cooperative Stage and Screen Action-Acting


Start dateEnd dateStart timeEnd timeMeeting typeMeetingsLocationCode
01-Jan-23 (Sunday)24-Apr-23 (Monday)04:3006:00 1-A

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