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Hone Your Craft: Acting Fundamentals | Ages 12-18

Every artist and story teller knows that a strong foundation is the key to their success. Whether you intend to pursue acting as a career, hobby, or just need to work on your presence and public speaking, this class is for you. Theater games, improvisation, and scene work are all fun ways to strengthen creative muscles, build confidence and develop valuable life skills.

In addition, this unique class will demonstrate how using your body and voice differently for film and live performances has a powerful impact on your audience. Learn to harness the power of your instrument. Maximize your impact!

Study with international teaching artist, Tanya Marie, who brings her experience acting in film, television, theater, radio and voice over (in both America and France) to every class. Learn the ‘ tricks of the trade’ and have fun preparing for your future!

Instructor: Tanya Gallagher

Room: ITT

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