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Intermediate Ballet | Ages 12-18

Class instruction in Intermediate Ballet. Consent by teacher. Prerequisite: at least 2-3 years of ballet training. Intermediate students need to take at least 3 classes/week in order to keep up with this Intermediate level class as well as prevent injury.

Intermediate Ballet Technique Class recommends that its students also enroll in at least 1-2 other ballet classes per week. Recommending to also enroll in Modern Ballet Adv. Beg Level on Wed.4:30 -6 pm as well one other technique class at The Center.

Required Dress Code:

For Ladies Pink ballet slippers, black leotard and light colored ballet tights, with hair pulled back and no jewellery.

For Gentlemen Black tights or jazz pants, white camisole leotards or tight form fitting t-shirts.

Baggy clothing or warm-ups will be permitted only in the beginning of class. The body must be clearly visible for the majority of class time. All students are responsible for purchasing their own ballet shippers by the 2ndday of class.


Instructor: Elena Martins

Room: CT

No periods were set for this course