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Youth Steel Pan I | Ages 12-18 | Wednesdays 4:30-5:30PM

Prerequisite: No experience needed. This class introduces the steel drum musical instrument through ensemble rehearsals and performance. No prior musical experience is required as students will learn the fundamentals of music that can later be applied to any other instrumental ensemble offered at the East Bay Center. Beginning Steel Band offers a fun method for learning rhythm, scales, melodies, chord strumming, and bass lines. Each song is taught by both rote (ear) and notation (scored sheet music), depending upon what works best for the individual performer. In addition, students will learn the history and culture of Trinidad, the birthplace of this beautiful art form. This ensemble will perform 1-2 compositions in a formal and fun concert at the conclusion of the course.

Instructor: Akwasi Abrefah

Room: 014

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