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Intermediate Musicianship | Ages 12-18

Students in this course will continue to accumulate knowledge acquired in beginning musicianship. Concepts within Music Theory and Ear Training will become more advanced and nuanced, and concepts in listening and performance qualities will be introduced. Throughout the semester, listening examples from the history of recorded music will be provided and analyzed to reinforce the material.

-Advanced rhythms and meter.
-Chord theory.
-chord progressions, modulation, triads, 7th chords.

Ear Training:
-Chord type recognition (major, minor, diminished, augmented).
-Interval recognition.
-Dictation of melodies.

Performative and Composition:
-listening within an ensemble.
-tone quality on an instrument.
-playing with “good time”.

Instructor: Karen Horner

Room: 006

No periods were set for this course