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Youth Scene Study | Ages 12-18 | Thursdays 4:30-5:50PM

In this class students will work on classical and contemporary scenes. We will work with the entire instrument: the text, physicality, the emotional aspect and, the final ingredient, the imagination. Students learn how to interact with their scene partners through listening and relating to what is going on in the moment, in the scene.

The text is the blueprint where the student will gather the information to navigate towards what he or she wants, gets or doesn’t get. Working one scene at a time helps the student understand in a focused way the many variables an actor must juggle. The class will be a safe, fun and challenging environment.

Students will work through different exercises to warm up the physical body. They will work on emotional exercises through verbal and non- verbal articulation. They will work on sound, voice and imagination. We will take those exercises and apply them in the scene work. Students start out with the foundational goals:

1. 1. Know your lines.
2. 2. Know what they mean.
3. 3. Mean them when you say them.

Scene study takes them to a new level of awareness and exploration with the fundamentals. It’s exciting and fun.

Instructor: Joe Orrach

Room: 203

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